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Kerry’s Closet…em, HOUSE March 8, 2010

Filed under: Organization — thejucasgirls @ 3:01 pm

Yes!  I get to clean out my sister’s HOUSE…one room at a time.  I mean, really?  Who gets excited about cleaning out someone else’s house?  MEEEEEE 🙂  I posted a few days ago that Spring cleaning is here.  It must have spurred something inside Kerry because she asked me to start helping her clean out her house–room by room.  So, I’m planning to take a picture of before and after.  This means I have to learn how to upload photos to my blog.  This skill is long overdo, so I’m happy there is a reason that totally necessitates this skill.

Stay tuned for updates on this massive project.


One Response to “Kerry’s Closet…em, HOUSE”

  1. Kerry Baldwin Says:

    Tracy, my master closet is still waiting on you to visit!

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