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FRIED CHICKEN March 21, 2010

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Fried chicken is something we always ate and LOVED growing up…but it was Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Fried chicken was something my mother just didn’t make…it was messy and always better store bought.  I have to agree that a bucket of The Colonel’s Recipe is pretty divine.  There is a story about Mother trying to impress my dad on a picnic when they were dating.  She said she would pack homemade fried chicken.  Well, she did…but she didn’t make it.  She conned her step-sister into making it for her and hid her little secret for years.  I think that chicken won my dad’s heart (fried chicken is one of his faves), so it was a good thing she kept it to herself.  I think this is one of the reasons I have NEVER considered making it in my kitchen.  I had these visions of grease fires, burns on my hands, and flour all over the kitchen.  Well, I conquered my fear today.  I’m happy to say that I made my first batch of fried chicken and it didn’t turn out half bad.  I think I was more surprised that it was actually pretty tasty :).  I looked through recipes and most of them called for soaking the chicken in buttermilk overnight.  Problem for me was that I didn’t have buttermilk or overnight!  I had a hungry husband and three chicken breasts.  Kept looking for a “quick” recipe and stumbled on one from Olivia Sipes from the Food Network.  I made my own changes, and here is what I came up with..


3 chicken breasts/bone in

3 cups flour

3 Tbs Cayenne Pepper (adjust to taste)

3 Tbs Paprika (adjust to taste)

salt & pepper to taste

1/2 cup Crisco Solid Vegetable Oil

Toss the flour, paprika, and cayenne pepper together in a bowl

Rinse chicken breasts

Coat each breast with flour mixture and shake off extra flour

Place each breast in very hot grease and cover for 5-7 minutes

Turn each and salt/pepper–cover and cook other side for 5-7 minutes

Remove lid and turn–salt and pepper second side

Continue turning often until desired golden brown color

Allow to cool on a wire rack lined with a paper towel for 7 minutes



2 Responses to “FRIED CHICKEN”

  1. Judy Johnson Says:

    Noticed the other day that you and Jenny had become facebook friends. I also saw a link to your blog so I decided to check it out. I had fun reading your entries and getting a clearer picture of you as an adult. I’ve got a blog too – – come and visit us there!

  2. Alice Says:

    Hey Tracy –
    did not know you were a blogger!! What a diverse girl you are – politico, chef, shopper extraordinaire, organizer, hostess with the most-est. I could go on and on….

    Good luck with the fried chicken – You are the best and can do it all!!! Can’t wait to see you soon.
    Much love,

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