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Night & Day March 21, 2010

Filed under: Organization — thejucasgirls @ 1:34 am

As promised, I will be posting pictures of my little project at casa de Baldwin this past week.  Thus far, I have done three major rooms and one partial room.  Let’s just say that the results are like night and day.  I don’t want to disparage my sister, after all, she is family.  I’m just saying that she is not tidy–at all.  It doesn’t matter, she gave me total control (well, except for the stupid beanie babies) of tossing, giving away and the like.  It was awesome.  I promise I will upload a few before and after photos.  I hope they are happy and can find their belongings…at least for now.  Kerry did say that she was so excited because she found a cute dress she hadn’t “seen” all season…gee, I wonder why!


One Response to “Night & Day”

  1. Kerry Baldwin Says:

    you really are a genius at gutting closets and rooms! Now to keep Clay from messing things up again.

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